My 100 pound weightloss challenge.


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I am getting close to my 100 pound weight loss goal!

My name is Joe, and I got fat. Really fat. I tipped the scales at 354 pounds. That is fat. I am tired of being fat. I have had enough! This is my fitness journey to lose 100 pounds. I plan to do this over the next 26 weeks.

Fitness and weight loss are always goals people discuss.   We make New Year’s resolutions, we watch shows like the Biggest Loser,   we buy vitamins we see advertised as available at GNC,  we see the Weight Watchers commercials,   beauty pageants, models and starlets in the news.  Everywhere you look there are suggestions of what we should look like.   Also year after year Americans are getting fatter and less healthy.  It is time to change!

One of the biggest problems and barriers to success it time.  We are busy people.  We rush to work long days at the office, we rush (slowly) in rush hour traffic to get home.   We struggle to do all that we need to and want to but never have enough time in the day to get it all done.     Exercise plans get pushed off a few weeks into February.   Fast food feeds us at lunch time and diner too.    You need to make living a healthy life your priority number one!   If you don’t get healthy you will not be able to keep on doing everything you though was important.   If you don’t get healthy you will not be able to enjoy life as you could and should.

Here is my situation:

1. I did not get fat over night. I can not get fit over night.
2. I have no trainer or support staff. I am working a full time job and living a normal life  while losing the weight.
3. Changing my diet to a healthy lifestyle of eating will do a lot for me.
4. I will exercise with both weights and cardio activities.
5. I plan to help others as I help myself through this account of my struggles and successes.

I am going to track my progress with blog updates, pictures, and links to places that are keeping me on my path to success.  I am not a fitness expert, but I don’t need to be.  I just need to be motivated.

Follow me on my journey.   Start or continue you own path to a better you.  Post a comment (good or bad)  and ask questions too.   Lets help each other if we can.

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Lets do this,     Joe

Here I am on my 33rd week of proper eating and good exercising:

WOW!  I can see some muscles and I am starting to look like I have been working out.

Here is a picture of my progress as of 3/5/11

Here is an update to my weight loss,  4/15/11.


Weight loss UPDATE!   5/20/11

I am under 300 pounds!

UPDATE!   6/14/11   I am now 66.8 pounds down!


I missed my goal of 26 weeks but I am still getting to 100 pounds lost!

I am normal!  There was a time some years ago my doctor wanted to put me on medication for my prehyper tension.  But I am normal now!




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