Brandy Day’s  Journey  (Check the bottom for her most current update!)

6/21/2011    So today I am doing something a little bit different,  I have asked a friend from Myspace to share some of her insights  of her journey into fitness.   Here is what Brandy has to say….

I am on a weight loss challenge for myself also Joe, I started in the second week of May and have to date lost -31 pounds, I cut out all red meat and have started eating right, I eat chicken and turkey items..Like Turkey burger, turkey bacon, etc. It has become a great way of life for me…I am not calling it a diet..I take one step at a time and NEVER EVER look at the end result it seems to far away..I always make small goals and make sure to always reward myself for the goals that I accomplish…-30 pounds was my first goal and now I am going -25 pound goals from there…My ultimate goal is -100 pounds and I am almost a third of the way there already, but it does come with downfalls, I am not going to sugar coat anything..It is hard work and being mindful of what you decide to stick in your mouth…I also workout and walk all the time…I walk about 1 to 2 and a half miles a day and workout with my Wii…I also workout with my strength bands to try and get rid of this flab on the back of my arms…I am concerned about the excess skin that comes with weight loss, but I am going with one thing at a time….I noticed that if I call it a diet that I am more than likely not going to stick with it so I call it a lifestyle change…I have also included my boyfriend and my children as much as possible…We walk together and have outings together…I try to include them, my boyfriend has told me that he isn’t interested in losing weight until I have dropped at least 50 pounds he wants us to reach goals together and do things together and that will bring us closer….He is wonderful and for the most part is very encouraging…It helps greatly to have a great support system…My middle daughter is overweight so I have been helping her to be more healthy in her decisions of food…I want to thank Joe for offering me this opportunity to tell my story about how I am doing it….This is something I have wanted for a longtime and I have come to a point in my life where I need to do something for myself and I have chosen something that will help my arthritis and the self-confidence I have for myself….Thank you again JOE

Thank you again Brandy for sharing this with me.  I see a common thread in your,  mine and other’s successes,  It is a lifestyle change.  That can not be stressed enough.  It would make no sense to eat well, lose the weight then go back to eating unhealthy like before.  Lifestyle changes!

Brandy’s update 10/28/2011

Through my journey of weight loss I have made a few friends along the way.  Brandy is surely one of them.   She is a determined lady working hard and getting really fit!  You go Brandy!   Here is her update with what is going on in here daily life.

Hello everyone… again… To date I have lost 65 pounds and have lost several, several inches. I have went from a size 26 to a size 18 and can even fit in a pair of 16’s… All my clothes are too big for me lol.
I have been walking and also have started riding a bike generally everyday. I have slacked a little on my eating habits, but still do not eat junk food. I eat foods that are high in protein and that are low in calories. I do not think that I have actually hit my calorie count since I started with my lifestyle change, but came close… I am working on that. I need to get my Wii hooked back up so that I can exercise regularly, not just walking and riding a bike.
I have been a lot more active and have been through a lot that could have held me down in my process, but being that I am determined to get this for me… I let nothing stop me!!! In the last month there have been a lot of triumphs for me and my family… We finally have our own place and my children are so different (in a good way) now that they are “home”…not just in a house… I am better also, for a little while I was taking depression medication which hindered my lifestyle change because it made me so sleepy I was not doing anything, but sleeping. I have been able to take myself off of the medication and am doing well… I plan on working harder than ever now that stress is at a minimal and things are back in order..
My general menu for the day
Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar and a glass milk or scramble eggs and a slice of toast
Lunch: A healthy choice meal and water
Dinner: baked chicken, steamed vegetables, rice, and bread of some sort
I have some snacks in between- I get the 100 calorie packs for snacks. I have gone from drinking regular pop to diet pop, but I do not recommend it to men, it contains aspartame and can cause complications with your prostate. I also drink more water, but will admit not enough…
I hope the next time I write it will be to say that I have hit my below 200 mark I am so close…

Thank you Joe for your inspiration…

Brandy, thank you for the inspiration!


Update 01/20/2012

I heard some exciting news from Brandy today.  She is in the process of authoring a cookbook!  That is soo exciting,  as I get more information I will continue to update the news.


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  1. Brandy Day says:

    You are dong great Joe, keep up the good work and remember the longer you work at it the pounds get smaller that you lose because you start to gain muscle. that is something I am going through right now. I am close to 50 pounds down now, and I have muscles in places that I never knew had muscles before lol I love it….I had a little down time, health and mind wise, but I am back on track again and have walked this week a mile and a half each day besides yesterday cause I was cleaning house….something about scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees that wears you out!!! I am right here with you…You are doing wonderful and cannot wait to hear more from you!!! Great job JOE!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!

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