Y2W38 Day 6 Trail of Terror!

40 min elliptical machine


Trail of terror!

Our neighborhood hosted the Trail of Terror today in the large neighborhood park, Douglas Park. Oh What fun it was. I got to hide in my 7 foot coffin and scare folks as they walked by. I had screams, crying, laughing, whimpering and parents and children going the other way just so they did not walk to close. FUN! I stood still and waited until they we close or passing by me and I would slam the side of the coffin and lunge out at them. Everyone had a good time. We will be doing it again next year if it happens again.

Here are some pictures in the daylight to see the props. Two guys made most of them over the course of a couple months. They used all wood and treated the wood to make it look like stone or metal. The one guy does props for a living and the other works in construction. The one guy’s wife helped with the makeup for the vampires and zombies.

Once the darkness came it was game time!  This was one of the most fun Saturday nights I have had all year.  Since the storm is coming Halloween may not happen if the town’s power goes out, this night of fun will have made up for it!





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  1. JoAnn & Joel says:

    omg! Enjoyed the pictures so, so much! Only regret is that we weren’t there!

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