Week 44 Day 5

A good Day!


33 min jog
27 min walking at 10 % incline 3.5 mph

Dumbbell aerobics using 25 lb dumbbells
8 sets of:
15 push-ups
10 body weight squats
10 dumbbell overhead presses
10 dumbbell dead lifts
10 alternating arm curls (each arm)
10 sit-ups

then 20 min on the bike for additional cardio once the aerobics was complete.

What made today so great was that I have 2 job interveiws set up for next week. Either job would be good for me. I hope both work out and I have to choose which one I want. That would be best.

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One Response to Week 44 Day 5

  1. joes mom says:

    Hi Joe,
    Good luck with the interviews next week. When they realize how intelligent you are, they both will want to hire you. What a nice Christmas present that would be. I can not wait to see Daisy. Karlyn feels the same way. She liked Lucky but said he was lazy.

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