Week 38 day 5

Wrestling Night is tonight!


43 min jog  3.77 mile


3 minutes of wrestling.     I know that does not sound like a lot.  Just 3 minutes.  Those three minutes were an eternity.   I forgot about the nervous feeling I would get before stepping out onto the mats.  I forgot the feeling of standing before a crowd.  I forgot the feeling of locking up with an opponent and wrestling.  All for three minutes that felt like an hour.

It was a great three minutes.  My opponent was 10 years younger than me.  He outweighed me by a few pounds.  He was the better wrestler.  He won.  He deserved it.   He could have pinned me twice.   We went the full 3 minutes though.  I think that was good for both of us.  We each made a new friend today.

He is on a weight loss journey of his own.  He might stop by and check this blog out.  I hope he does. I also hope he will share some of what he has been doing as he is working towards getting in better shape.

After the adrenalin had worn off and I was sitting there cooling off I started to feel some soreness in my neck and chest muscles. NOT INJURY!  Just some soreness.  I fell like I did a regular workout tonight.  But it was only three minutes.   Those three minutes have done more for me than than my last 30 workouts have.  I feel re-energized.  I know I need to be pushing more in the gym.  My intensity needs to crank up some.  I have become complacent with my workouts.  I am working out like I am maintaining  myself instead of developing a better me.  Those three minutes were exactly what I needed to to gain the clarity I have drifted from.   I got good feeling about my next few weeks in the gym.

I stepped on the scale to see I was 258.5 lbs today.  I was glad to see that.   254 is right around the corner.

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4 Responses to Week 38 day 5

  1. Brandy Day says:

    I am so proud of you Joe… I bet that 3 minutes did feel like an eternity and wrestling is an entire body workout… including your mind.. and sometimes that can be more exhausting than physical exercise… I cannot say it enough what an inspiration you are to everyone and how proud I am of your lifestyle change… You are a wonderful person and I am so glad that I can call you my friend… The world will always be there to try and drag you down, but you have showed us all over and over that you can conquer it all…. Great that you held for the whole 3 minutes… I am sooo proud of you.. Keep your head up and I know the last couple pounds will melt off…

  2. Andrew Haubois says:

    Joe! Told you I would stop by pal! Was your ride home as crappy as mine was today? I like your comment “a few pounds” more like 70 lbs haha. I hope you had a good time man and it was good to meet you; sorry you could not make the trip to coach John’s place. This website is well written, inspirational, and just plain awesome! I will admit, it inspired me even today, I will tell you how….so I stepped on the scale and was down to 328 I felt good and thought “maybe I will treat myself today” see, you can treat yourself on the Weight Watchers program because you have a weekly bank of 49 extra points. I usally do not use these. Anyway, I saw a video that Joe Olivo, the guy who wrestled before us, posted. I could see myself in the background and man I did not like the way I looked on camera. Now to the point where you inspired me, those before and after pictures you have really show progress! Those pictures made me remember how good I am going to feel when I can look back and notice that type of progress! It reminded me what I am working for, needless to say, I won’t be using my WW weekly points bank today!! You seemed like a great dude in the time that we got to talk, and the amount of weight you have lost in such a short amount of time really shows your dedication. Again, great to meet you bud. My email is listed on here hit me up anytime, or……just get on the Facebook!!! hahaha Talk to you soon my friend. Stay on the right track!!!!


  3. Andrew Haubois says:

    Actually, looking at your current weight, I had more like 80lbs on you sir….haha

  4. Andrew Haubois says:

    Strike that, math mistake! hahaha 70 is correct. Boy I feel dumb. haha

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