Y4W12 Day 5

Today was a travel day. We covered close to 500 miles. We tried to drive the blue ridge parkway but as we headed up the mountain the fog was so thick I could not see more than 15 feet in front of the truck. That made for slow driving. There was also rain in the forecast so it was an gamble if we could get any hiking in and the drive from the highway to the parkway was 18 miles so we did not want to back track.

We are lucky we did. We saw wild turkeys! There were 3 different groups and as a bonus we saw deer too! We never were able to hike and we needed to skip 3 different places we would have stopped at but hey you can’t control the weather.

We tried to stop in a bigger college town but the 6 hotels were all sold out due to a Math competition of all things. We needed to travel more miles than planned but lucked out at a Days in and was able to eat at a local restaurant that was in business since 1955! The children now run the place their parents started. I had the catfish dinner and Miriam had the Haddock. They also had pies and ice creams! I had a malted milk shake and they had similar milk shake mixer like we had at Nice N Sweet. It brought back some cool memories.

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