Y3W16 Day 4

We went for a jog!

I did OK. I was extremely slow and worried about my knee but I was fine. I did have some mild discomfort throughout the day but not the pain I was having prior. Next week I think I will try for 3 short jogs (2-3 miles) and see how I do.

garage circuit training
3 sets of

2 min of elliptical bike
8 reps of EZ Bar curls
8 reps of lat pull downs
8 sets of military presses

and then in the end I did 1 set of bench press @ 135lbs.

Not bad. Tomorrow I will be heading to the offsite location for some work. I hope it is an easy day but you never know. I found a third stinkbug in my truck today. Somehow the little fuckers got in my truck and must have made a nest and now I keep finding them. Weird!

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