Y3W21 Day 5

21 min of 1 min walk/2 min jog
19 min of walking at incline


Today was take the cats to the vet day. It was also a day of strong sudden thunderstorms. We ended up having a tree come down a couple blocks over and we lost power. I debated long and hard on the no power on a Friday night situation and decided once the storm had passed I took out my generator and fired it up. We had cable tv service and lights. It was nice. The generator was loud so that sucked, but I was a good neighbor and offered the folks on each side of us to run a cord over to the generator if the wanted to. The on neighbor has family near by and went over their with her family. The neighbor on the other side decided to tough it out.
Power was restored at 3 am. We realized how unprepared we were once we looked for our battery powered lantern and could not find it.

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