Y4W3 Day 4 Doctor’s appointment

So today was the Day. I needed to go to the hospital and see a specialist. Shortly after New Years day I had an issue. After using the toilet I was shocked to see the bowl looked like a crime scene photo. Scared out of my mind I called my wife to check things out (She is a nurse) and calmed me down enough to let me know I needed to see a doctor and not rush to the emergency room. I never had internal bleeding before so I was panicking. I went through all the worry of what it could mean. Could be nothing more than some hemorrhoids, or it could be as serious as cancer. The stress of it sucked. The waiting sucked too. I saw a primary care Doctor then a consult with a specialist. Today ( over a month later) I had 2 procedures, a colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. The Doctor found a small polyp and removed it. She said based on its size and color it is nothing to worry about but I will get official results in about a week. I also have a small pouch (diverticulum) which is there, but nothing to worry about. It looks like the culprit for the bleeding was some internal hemorrhoids. I was scared about being put under for the procedure. That drug is no joke. I was awake and before I realized it I was waking up in the recovery room. I had one incident where I was coming to in the procedure and heard voices but could not make out anything being said. Later the nurse told us I had 700 milligrams of the drug and that was the most she ever had seen given to someone. Usually it is 200 to 400 milligrams. The pix below are after the good news. Miriam and i will now each be able to get a good night of sleep.

2-20-2014 Deer and colonoscopy 004

2-20-2014 Deer and colonoscopy 005

2-20-2014 Deer and colonoscopy 006

As a bonus when we got home there was a deer resting in our back yard. We live in Arlington VA and there was a deer in our back yard! Crazy!

2-20-2014 Deer and colonoscopy 008

2-20-2014 Deer and colonoscopy 007

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