Y4W3 Day 5

45 min elliptical machine

20 min walk in the neighborhood.

Work was an active one today. We had a truck to unload and store the materials. Once I was home I had the pleasure of meeting another one of the local critters. This time it was a grey bunny. he would not move out of the way of my truck when I pulled into the driveway. I needed to get out and encourage him to move. He was cutie. I was able to get about 3 steps away from him before he would hop once or twice then wait again until I was a step away from him and hop again. I was super close to this guy and felt like he was a house pet. I left out some carrots in case he comes back. If he does not the local rabbits will eat them up.

2-21-2014 bunny 001

2-21-2014 bunny 002

2-21-2014 bunny 003

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