Y4W3 Day 6

48 min neighborhood walk in North Arlington

80 min walk in old town Alexandria

Today was pretty good day. I was up early, way too early this AM to use the bathroom and was all cramped up. I guess using all the laxatives for my procedure had cleared me out and then I had my first full day of eating yesterday and things needed to sort themselves out. I watched some TV and then went back to bed for 2 hours. After that we did a nice walk through North Arlington since the hiking trails are all muddy. We later in the day headed to Old Town Alexandria to walk along the Potomac river and then get some great lunch within the hustle and bustle of Old Town.

After all the adventures the 4 of us all fell asleep on the couch. Miriam and I plus we each had our cats on our laps. I woke up quickly then decided if I was going to fall asleep I was going to bed to get a proper nap in.

So it was near 60 degrees today! that is shorts weather!
2-22-2014 244

2-22-2014 248

2-22-2014 250

We saw some cool things too. There was an artist playing music usine nothing more than water in crystal glasses of different sizes.
2-22-2014 245

Then there was the Spite House! Click on the name for more info and pictures:

Spite House


2-22-2014 246

2-22-2014 247

And finally it was time for dinner and we made Quinoa with Chicken apple sausage, red peppers, onions, chopped spinach and mushrooms. It was really good!

2-22-2014 251

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