Y5W25 Day 4

4 sets of EZ-Bar curls

30 min elliptical trainer intervals
15 min elliptical machine

30 min walking in lace watching TV

Today we wired the one new piece of equipment. It went well. I gave a detailed explanation of what we did, was was up to the engineer to do, and why. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow about how they need us to check something because it is not working. First question will be, was it one of the things I detailed in the email for the engineer to complete? If the answer is no, then the follow up question- did someone verify the configurations? We were blamed twice in the past by this company for 1. not having installed the cable, so they could not cutover the equipment. (proven false by an onsite GOV guy), and 2. the cabling was bad when it turned out the 4 ports were not configured properly. You would think one engineer would as another coworker to check his work before spouting off accusations trying to blame someone else. Oh Well, we do what we do very well, so tomorrow will be fun to see what pops up.

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