Y5W25 Day 7

Sugarloaf mountain!

3 hours and 47 minutes!

It was a trip and a half! We walked too much. We came across a hiker in distress and gave him half our water since he was in a bad way. Once we made it to the bottom of a road we crossed paths again. On the climb up it was obvious he was not doing well and we were still traveling into warmer temperatures and needing to climb 300 feet in elevation. My wife did a quick assessment of him and convinced him to go back to the road and flag a car down for a ride back. We both arrived back at the same parking lot at the same time and the guy was looking normal, like he should. We talked with him and his wife for a minute and we both thought he was in his late 50’s, NOPE he was 71! he and his wife were both in incredible shape, and at that age. They we out with friends the night before and he was enjoying a few too many beers, so he body was off from what he would normally be doing.

2015-7-26 016

2015-7-26 017

2015-7-26 018

2015-7-26 019

2015-7-26 020

2015-7-26 021

2015-7-26 022

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