I have some catching up to do.

I lost 6 pounds. Not great but it is something.

My Doc adjusted my blood pressure meds up a little bit. My readings were still high.

I hurt my Achilles tendon again in my right leg. I tripped on a rebar spike meant to hold in trail logs meant to edge and define the pathway. The wood had long rotted away. I tripped and tried to get my feet back under me and it worked, but not well. I stumbled for a few steps and struck a tree with my left arm with some force. My Achilles went numb so I was able to do the hike but I am suffering now. Life goes on, I am getting older and I am clumsy so adventures are more interesting now. We did get to see the Virginia Blue Bells in full bloom. That was something.

Since I am hurt I have been weight lifting in the AM.


chin-up grip

Machine shoulder press

Incline machine press

Bench press

seated curls

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48 min elliptical machine

Today I was on cruise control. The day passed by and all was well in my world.

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3-27-2016 Happy Easter!

Today was the first real hike I did with my Honey Bunny. We went to Seneca tract past Great Falls, VA. I am still having issues with my Achilles tendon and have been struggling with the idea I have not been out walking the trails with my wife. I was missing it big time. I took it easy and did my pace and I made it out just fine. It is hours later and do not feel any pain so life is good!

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leg press

Bench press

15 min elliptical stepper

I had a kick butt workout today. I was able to really work my muscles for a bit and was sweating on the elliptical machine. Work was slow paced but I was a bit active. I did OK with my eating. I am at a place where I am packing the majority of what I eat during the day, and when I am buying foods I have been making good choices.

My wife was able to go see the cherry blossoms today and she took a few great pix. I felt like I was there. Today was not the true peak for them, but tomorrow is calling for rain so we may not get to see them together with them looking the best.

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Body weight squats

DB overhead presses

Last night I did not wake up with a headache! WOOHOO! I checked my blood pressure a couple times today and I was normal once, and elevated once. After a week or so I hope to see the pressure stabilize and only be normal.

I did OK with my eating also. I did not have a big lunch (2 yogurts) and only ate what I packed the rest of the day. I hope to feel good tomorrow and have a great lifting session with may some time on the treadmill.

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hack squats
270-8 left knee felt funny

Bench press

30 min elliptical machine

I did OK eating today.

This weekend was a 4 day trip to my Dad’s house helping him get ready to list the house. I did much better with my eating up there and was happy to see the scale say I was 6 pounds lighter. This is good, I made progress in the right direction.

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3-17-2016 A new start

A guy from high school (Not posting his name, I did not discuss talking about his situation on here with him and I will respect his privacy) has been posting up his dedication to eating right and getting healthy again and it struck a nerve with me. I need to also.

I have been getting skull splitting headaches for about 9 days now. a few days ago I went to Urgent care for a diagnosis. I was fearing the worst (brain tumor or aneurysm) since I had a buddy die last year, my Mom die in January from stomach cancer, and a high school friend die from Pancreatic cancer last month. So of course I jumped right to the worst case scenario.

Well my regular doctor is not concerned at all about the headaches, because she is sure they are from the high blood pressure. I had only been on the medication for 2 days by the time I saw her for my problem and I was still running high so she added me onto a second medication. I had blood drawn and will be following up in 3 weeks.

Back to my friend motivating me…

His situation is not the same as mine, he is having a different problem, but we both share being over weight and we both are working at getting healthy again. We each have our conditions affecting our daily lives and need to make changes to ensure we will be seeing our loved ones for years to come.

I will be going back to posting daily, even if it will only be a one sentence post saying if it was a good day or not. I hope to go full on with some meals and exercise too.

Today I weighed in at 345 lbs.

Good luck to us both, we have too much to lose to not be successful.

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SO we dropped off our trucks for service and walked home. We then later walked back down to pick them up. We got some steps in today!

I have still been getting a headache on and off today. I will probably need to go see a doctor to see what is going on.

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2-29-2016 Leap Year!

I am still a bit under the weather but I feel pretty close to normal.

Hack squats

EZ Bar overhead press

30 min walk at incline on treadmill

SO I exercised just fine and then at work I had a very physical and busy morning. We had a tractor trailer full of heavy equipment we needed to unload and move to the 4th floor. There was heavy lifting, squatting, kneeling etc. and boy did I feel like I worked out. It was good. I actually felt normal today.

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I had a tough work day today. I was busy for 8.5 out of 10 hours. On the plus side it was a good workout.

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