Week 5 Day 6

A day to remember.  I spent Saturday night in the ER with severe pain in my left kidney area.   They  ran blood and urine tests and at this time do not think it is a kidney stone but a pulled muscle.   I am not sure on the diagnosis since I had exercised on  Saturday morning for an hour split between treadmill and elliptical machine.   After breakfast I helped my wife move some books and junk for about an hour.  On the way home my back started bothering me so I took 3 advil.   We picked up some  Boston Market for a late lunch and I was feeling much worse after that.   I puked up dinner and had a hard pain in the kidney area from that point on.   At  10:30 at night I could not take it anymore and went to the ER.   They kept me
there for observation until 2am with an IV and pain medicine  and released me under the conclusion I hurt my lower back.  I got 2 prescriptions, on for pain  one to relax the muscles.  When I take the medicine it puts me to sleep.   The  doctor told me to take it easy for a couple days So I will not be in to work tomorrow.   No exercising either.   That makes me sad.

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