Y2W30 Day 4

Run day!  Hooray, we were faster today!

We did good our average was better this time out. We were both feeling pretty good.

In the afternoon I pedaled my bike around a little bit. It was not a killer workout, it was more just an activity instead of chilling at home. I could have gone to the gym but I needed to run an errand and the bike made that easier to do.

On an unrelated topic, while I was cooking dinner I saw a super wasp climbing on the screen of the window in the kitchen. The thing had a stinger like I never saw before. This thing was huge and looked mean. I am glad I was able to get a picture though I do not think it came out as clearly as I would have liked. Check this thing out!

Nasty bugger isn’t it?

My final picture is of dinner,  steak with spinach.    It rocked!





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