Week 43 Day 3

Another pound in the right direction.

10 min jog
50 min elliptical machine

Weight lifting
8 sets of Incline bench press
5 sets of leg presses
4 sets of ez-bar curls
3 sets of dead lifts

I was heavy on eating today. I went wrong with my “snack” of wheat crackers. I at 3 servings instead of one. That was an extra 280 calories. It also looks like I need to lay off the peanut butter for a while. I have been over doing it with the jar and have been paying for it with calories, fat and gas!

Dinner tonight was good. We had some left over chicken breast, so I combined it with tortellini, lots of asparagus, garlic cloves, red pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and smart balance butter.

This meal was hearty and loaded with veggies.  It also made my pee smell like asparagus!

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