Y2W12 Day 6

10 min walk to gym
10 min jog
35 min elliptical machine
10 min walk home
30 min walk to pick up my truck at the service center

17 min walk with the wife, it started to rain on us!

Today was a fun day. My wife was off on a flee market and yard sale adventure with the gals from work and I had the morning to myself. After the gym I went to the range and finally got to try out my new Kel-tec PF-9. It is a handful compared to the P32. I can’t really rapid fire the thing and like the smaller .32acp this thing is not a long range target pistol. It works well for what it is designed for. It is a keeper.

My diet was pretty good all day but I am getting ready to blow it tonight watching some fights with my neighbor. I will be enjoying a few beers and some snacks. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

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