Y3W5 Day 2

11:45 min mile
50 min elliptical machine

Something did not agree with me at lunch today. My stomach started acting up at work and by the time I was home I needed to spend some time in the oval office.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. We are expecting a winter apocalypse with a mix of rain, snow and wind. It might be a lot of hype, it might be a bad storm. Seems the weather folks get us all wound up and then nothing happens. In the “fear of the storm” local communities and towns had their resources deployed more than 24 hours before the storm spreading salt and sand. Kind of dumb since it is supposed to rain first anyway and wash the treatments away. Thanks and the fact the traffic from 2 rush hours will have worked most of the salt and sand over to the shoulder of the roadways. Government waste at its best.

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