Week 38 Day 3

33 min jog 3 miles
30 min elliptical machine

15 min Dumbbell aerobics, 3 sets of (Push-ups, over head presses, dead lifts, body squats, curls, sit-ups)
20 min bike
10 min jog

I feel really good today. My workouts were very sweaty and I got my body worked! I am really excited about getting to wrestle on Friday. I hope to do well. I hope my exercising will allow me to be competitive. I am slower, weaker, and out of practice for wrestling. Hopefully my opponent will be even more slower, weaker and out of practice. Oh well no matter what it will be fun getting to wrestle again.

Dinner tonight was the best we have had for weeks! OK maybe that is an exaggeration, but it was really good. Veggie stir fry with steak. YUM!


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One Response to Week 38 Day 3

  1. Billy says:

    I read your postings every day, Joe. You are any inspiration to many people, though the most will not take the time to express.
    I can’t believe you are going to wrestle. It certainly is not your physical prowess that I doubt; just that the opportunity came up at a great time. Pretty cool! You are the type of person that I certainly would NEVER bet against. No matter who it is, even if they look more physically fit, ARE more physically fit, if you wrestle/grapple even remotely close to when you were grappling champion at Walter Reed, you can will yourself to victory (don’t take TOO seriously, buddy). You have already demonstrated thru the years that you can hang for long periods of time, and while your opponent is starting to tire, your MIND and BODY can still calculate.
    Though I am 10 years your senior, you have taught me many valuable lessons, but the one I will ALWAYS remember in earnestness is, when you told me like the old, wise soul that you are, that “I have never found the need for extraordinary amounts of money; only enough to buy my way out of anything.”
    Well said, my friend.

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