Week 17 Day 2

So it is back to work day!

I got up in the AM very reluctantly.  I figured I would head to the gym and do the elliptical machine and the bike to ease back into the activities.  My wife had other ideas.  She wanted to go for a jog so we went for a jog.   We did 2.9 miles.  I did not time us but I was really dragging.  When we went past the gym it was not open so it was a good thing I went jogging since I would have been doing that anyway.  It was already really warm and humid out.  I sweated  like I was in a sauna.  Oh well.

Work was busy and I was sore half way through the day.  I know I was working hard.  I got home after work and tried to fix the internet issue.  No luck.  I went to their office to swap out the cable modem expecting that to fix it.  NOPE.  SO I struggled trying to get it working and would find it would work for 10-30 seconds then cut out again.  I was finnally able to get it resolved by contacting customer service and having them reset things on ther end.  Life is good I am back to the world wide web!

I ate well today.  Not great but well.  I need to work on balancing my carbs, proteins and fats better.  Breakfast was 2 packets of instant oatmeal and 2 turkey sausage patties.  Lunch was tuna salad with some pasta and lettuce chopped up and mixed in.  I also had an orange and some canned peaches.  Dinner was flounder with perogies and broccoli.  My snacks for the day were 2 special k bars, an apple, and special k cracker chips.  I totalled 2,181 calories for the day.

I also went grocery shopping today and squeezed in a light garage weight lifting routine in the hot garage.  Here is what I did:


over head presses from the floor

bent over rows

Not a great effort but it was something. I really wanted to skip it today but knew the last few days have been too laxed. Time to get back into the groove!

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