Week 47 Day 6

New Year’s Eve!

Today was spent with my wife’s side of the family celebrating Hanukkah.  We had an amazing Turkey dinner with all the fixings, and some wonderful birthday cake for dessert.  What a great day!

The pictures aren’t staged still photos like so many are.  These are just action shots of the family having fun together, just as I saw it. The air was filled with laughter and fun.  Also dogs barking and playing together.  Today was the perfect day.

My day started slowly.  I was up really late with the UFC fights, the beer, malt liquor, poor snack choices and a short night of sleep.  I hit the gym and got 45 minutes of cardio in on the elliptical machine then started the day.  I felt mentally slow but not hung over, for that I was grateful.  I drank many glasses of water last night after I got home to help fight off the hangover.

After the family get together I took a nap once I got home.  I needed it.  I am now working my way to ringing in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!   Do some things for you this year and keep the promises you make to yourself, even when times get tough.

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