Week 15 Day 7

Tonight is going to be a short one.

My AM workout was 60 minutes today.  I did 20 minutes each of the elliptical machine, stair stepper and the bike.  It was a less impact day after the jogging yesterday.

I ate pretty good today except lunch.  We ate out at a taco place and I had more beans and rice besides  2 tacos.   This was a heavier lunch.  The day was a long one with multiple stops at multiple stores.   Home Depot was the last stop before heading home to work in the garden.

Today’s afternoon workout was tilling the garden for 1 hour.  It was tough and tiring so I did not go the gym in the afternoon.

Dinner was a combination of left overs,  fresh fruit and a tuna salad with lettuce tomatoes and green olives chopped up into it.  Weird but good.

Total calories for the day were high at 2,556 calories but it was an active day.  here’s to a good week of work and back to jogging tomorrow!

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