Week 16 Day 1

A new day a new adventure!

This morning my wife and I went out for a little jog.  We ended up going 3.8 miles.  I was hurting and slower than her but I made it.  We are jogging some of my old routes for when Iwas training for the Army Ten Miler  9 years ago.   I think before we know it we will be doing the 6 mile loop.  I am definetely slower jogging outside.  I am hanging in there though.

I ate well through most of the day but dropped the ball in the end with too many calories.  I ate 2,820 calories for the day.  Dinner pushed me over the top.  I should have stopped but did not.  I ate some of what I made for tomorrow and that added  200 calories to today.  There was peach salsa mixed in with the ground turkey for another 50 calories.  I also ate TWO corn on the cobbs,  it was so sweet one was not enough, and that was another 200 calories.  Bad Joe,  bad boy!  look what you did!   I suck today.  Tomorrow will be a day of redenption.

I did have a good day of work with some up and down on the ladder as well as trips up and down the stairs and walking around,a lot!  I also had a kick but weight lifting afternoon workout.

Assisted pull-ups

+100-4.5 (I did not make it all the way up on the 5th one)

Squats with 45lb plate held to chest

bench press


Hammer strength overhead press

45lbs each side 12,12,12,10

Curls with EZ_Bar and 25 lbs each side


Leg presses

Triceps cable curls

And that did it for the day!  Before I go here is a look at what my dinner should have been and stopped at,  Steak, asparagus, tomato, avacado, sour cream and a whole wheat wrap.

One more set of pix before I go.  I do network cabling for a living and pride myself on doing neat work.  Here are some pictures of my white cable bundle laced and dressed neatly.  My stuff was the best in the closet and in the building (so far).  There are no official standards to the work being neat like this but I was trained in the field many years ago to make things look good and not to be afraid to have your name associated with the work you leave behind.   I feel good about what I have done here.

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