Week 47 Day 3

Today I tried something new.  Well actually something old.

I wore a heart rate monitor as I did cardio today.  I was surprised with what I saw.  My heart rate was in the low 140’s as I jogged on the treadmill.  That is normal for me.  I then went onto the elliptical stepper and was surprised to see my heart rate was only 117 to 120.  It was even lower when I was using it as a stepper machine.  It dropped to 108 beats per minute.  That is too low.  I guess this reinforces that I need to jog more.     In the afternoon I wore it again and used the lower body elliptical machine.  Again my heart rate was only in the 110-120 range.I guess it is good I saw this.  My perceived effort was higher than my actual work effort.   Bummer.

Dinner today was healthy again.  It feels good to be back into the swing of things.  I made a stir fry.  I steamed some broccoli and added it to a beef, mushroom and pepper combination.  I added mandarin oranges as well.

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