Week 16 Day 4

You would think with all the repitition and repeating this quest would become boring,  but it has not.  I found enjoyment in making small progess in one exercise or another and dropping the pounds as I go.

This morning had the potential to be a jog with the wife morning, but we were both not totally feeling it so I went to the gym instead.   Some of the “regulars” that I see at 4 am do not seem to go regularly.   Certainly not every day.  Maybe they jog outside too on different days.  I did feel tired and a bit off with allergies so I chose 3 cardio machines and did 15 minutes each.   I jogged, did elliptical and stair stepper machines.  I felt pretty good for it.

I headed home for a shower and breakfast.  I had 4 egg whites, 2 turkey sausage, an orange and some Jif peanut butter with honey.  This was less than 400 calories and it was a good tasting meal.

I was running 10 minutes late (even with the short workout) and skipped my piece of fruit once I arrived at work.  At 9am I had a special K bar (90 calories)  and at lunch I had 2 cans of tuna, light mayo, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.  I also had an orange and some pretzels.  This totalled 545 calories.

For my afternoon snack I had another special K bar and 3 pretzel pieces.  On my drive home I was not hungry so I did not eat my apple.

I went to the gym after resting some at home and decided to lift weights.  My goal was to do squats, assisted pull ups, bench press and 1 or 2 more exercises.  The gym was busy so here is what I actually did:

Bench press

hammer strength overhead press 45 lbs each side

assisted pull-ups

leg extensions

leg presses

ez-bar curls with 50 pounds on bar

That did me in! Time to get home and have some dinner.

I was running light on calories before dinner so Iwas able to eat more than expected.

Quorn Meat Free Chicken Nuggets, (2 servings)
Amy’s Kitchen Organic Split Pea Soup,(2 servings)
Lettuce, Romaine
Athenos Feta – Reduced Fat,
Balsamic Vinegar

Al Fresco Chicken Sausage (2 sausage)
Red Bell Pepper, Raw

All that totalled 973 calories and mt calories for the day were 2,094 calories. That is good even with the big dinner.

Tomorrow looks to be a jog day outside. I hope I can get enough rest and feel good for the run!

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