Week 16 Day 3

It is truely amazing how the weight has been coming off.  I am slightly behind where I need to be to make my 100 pounds lost in 26 weeks.  I am going to see if I can pick up the pace some and get back to 4+ pounds a week lost.  If it takes me an extra week I will not be devastated, but I will have missed my “goal”.  My goal is also to be healthier and a normal weight so if I do miss my self imposed deadline, so be it.   But I will try to make up the pounds if I can.

Today started with me going to the gym and jogging for 25 minutes at 5.1 mph.  This has become my slow comfortable jog but still produces a good sweat.  I then did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and 15 minutes on the bike.   Since I was already sweating  these other two cardio choices kept the sweat going.  It seems  if I start out with either of these I never break a good sweat like with jogging.  So it was time to go home, shower and eat some food!

This morning I decided I needed to eat some of the chicken I cooked last night.  We bought one of the super sized chicken breast packages with the intentions of freezing half of it.  Well we never did freeze half so I cooked it all last night.  It was alot of chicken.  So chicken for breakfast!  I cut up a large apple and added some lettuce and cherry tomatoes to a bowl.  I then chopped up the chicken and mixed it with some light mayo and added it to the salad bowl.  I made enough for breakfast and lunch.  It was good and different for breakfast and kept me to about 400 calories.  The apple was a great addition.  It acted as filler and gave me some carbs to go with the chicken protein.  Had it just been chicken the calories would have been higher.  I got to enjoy this at lunch time too.  I ate well all day again.  Dinner was great tonight.

I added some BBQ sauce to the chopped up chicken.  I also cooked a portobello mushroom and added it to the bbq mix.   I had corn on the cob and broccolini as my veggies.  I should have stopped there but I did go heavier on calories at dinner time by eating some ground turkey with peach salsa.  This additon added about 400 calories and I should have passed it up and had some fruit instead.  Too late now as I enjoyed it.   I finished the day at 2,457 calories consumed.  This was a bit high but I am working harder during my work day than I have had to for a while so it is OK as I am burning more calories at work now.  I also did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine as a bonus to keep things moving the right way on the scale.  I feel good about today andlook forward to tomorrow. I hope to do a long jog either tomorrow morning or friday morning just to push my limits some.

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